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For turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and a true Bahamian holiday, discover the out islands of the Abacos, a sailor's dream vacation. A 120-mile long chain, these islands make up one of the world's top sailing and boating destinations. Journey around these many peaceful cays in your own or chartered boat, island-hopping makes an ideal way to travel in this area, and each stop offers a variety of attractions.

Most of the residents of the Abacos Out Islands live on Elbow Cay, east off of Great Abaco Island. With a year round population or only a few hundred and serving as the largest area, one quickly understands the pace of life on these isles. Good for biking around, this island offers historical sights such as the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum and the famous candy-striped Hope Town lighthouse, where you can see a superb view of the surrounding sea. This lighthouse exists as one of the only three powered by kerosene in the world, and all three are in the Bahamas. Windsurfing reigns as an especially popular sport, at Garbanzo Beach.

North of Elbow Cay, Man-O-War Cay exists as the shipwrighting center of the Abacos. The Man-O-War Marina rents out boats and golf carts for exploring on or around the island. The vehicle of choice for on land, golf carts comfortably seat four adults and cost less in gasoline. A mile north off the island, the 19th century wreck of USS Adirondack lies 20 feet underwater with all its canons. Take advantage of the island's dive shop and plunge down to explore the eerie ruins.

Great Guana Cay, further north, makes a picture-perfect exotic island to escape and unwind. Secluded beaches and lush tropical greenery create a wealth of natural beauty, great for a lazy day in the sun or an adventure through the forest. A few friendly resorts offer upscale places to stay, wonderful and romantic for honeymoons or anniversary vacations.

A 10-minute ferry ride from Treasure Cay takes you to Green Turtle Cay, a tiny island rich with history. Loyalists made a haven there, during the American Revolution and some of the residents today can trace back their ancestry to these first refugees. New Plymouth acts as the main commercial hub, where shops and restaurants abound. The Albert Lowe Museum, the oldest historical museum in the Bahamas, displays a history of ships and maritime activity. Fishing remains ever-popular and tournaments occur every year in May. The southernmost tip of Green Turtle Cay, called "The Bumps," greets visitors with an exceptionally lovely sight: glistening water in every imaginable shade of blue and green. Very close by lies the aptly dubbed No Name Cay, with its own collection of sand and sun. Make new prints on this almost always deserted beach, where the sea and sky shine the same blue.

For a secluded and picturesque strip of beach to picnic or swim on, travel to Manjack Cay, about thirty minutes from Green Turtle Cay. With only two people who live there full time, Manjack Cay makes a perfect place for a private family vacation or honeymoon. Watch for the occasional dolphin or stingray during your cookout. The local Abaconians have even set up a small screen room on the island, naming it the "Manjack Hilton," so don't worry about bugs! If you love shelling, travel 15 minutes south of Manjack and come to Fiddle Cay where starfish and other keepsakes abound on the sand.

For splendid pictures to add to your album, travel to Little Harbour, the lovely and picturesque island that artists and yachtsmen have admired for decades. Have a drink at the one pub and visit the gallery, Studio and Foundry, which displays a collection of unique sculptures.

Another great place for peace, quiet, and sun, Lubbers Quarters Cay lies between Marsh Harbour and Elbow Cay. A great sandy getaway, Lubbers Quarters offers a few cottage retreats for accommodations and easily-traversed trails through the pretty foliage.

Spanish Cay, only three miles long, contains a resort and marina facing the beachfront. A great spot for fishing, sailing, exploring, or just relaxing, this island once served as a private retreat for millionaires.

Moraine Cay, just northeast of Little Abaco, offers a secluded and lovely island resort. Excellent fishing and smooth sailing await. The location of this cay promises cool ocean breezes and calm waters.

Other islands include Matte Lowe's Cay, surrounded by five beautiful white sand beaches, and Scotland and Whale Cay, which are lovely little private islands.

With their wonderful beaches, beautiful waters, and many attractions, the Abacos Out Islands truly create a dream vacation. Travel to one of the world's most popular boating and sailing locations and experience all the Bahamas has to offer!

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